The Almost Perfect Country

Samreen Gill, Class5, Learning Path School, Punjab

Many countries face issues such as traffic, pollution, and poverty, but this country has found a solution to these issues.

Singapore is a nearly perfect country. In only 53 years, they have found so many solutions. Many different ethnic groups live in Singapore, including Indians, Malay, Chinese, and Eurasians. People in Singapore are not enemies; they are neighbours. Singapore had traffic until they fixed it. They only have a few cars on the road. Because the total number of cars is limited, most people rely on public transportation. Another issue is pollution, which is why trash in Singapore is burned, but they filter out the smoke, collect the ashes, and dump it underwater into a man-made island.

If Singapore can find solutions in only 53 years, we can too. We can also work hard, protect the environment, and find solutions to emerging problems.


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