The Mix of The Six

Anaahat Paritosh, Class 3, Flomont World School, Bengaluru

The number 6 was in a fix
In came 12, ready to help
and sort out the mix.
Cousin 18, though just a teen
had heard about six being in a fix
and along with 24, knocked on the door
30 and 36, unaware of the fix
were running in the garden,
picking up sticks
42 was feeling blue
because his cow named moo
was playing glue
48 did not have a mate
and was late for his date
since he could not open the gate
54 was bored of chores
of mopping the floor
and wished he could he sleep
and snore some more
60 was thirsty and wanted some tea
to keep him warm
on a day cold and misty
the sad family of six
was quite in a mix
and ended up spending the day
trying to eat brownie mix with chopsticks,


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