The Beginning of Agony; The Entry…

Mehreen Rahat Munawar, Class 5 B,
Trio World School, Bengaluru

It was around late 2019
When came around a new disease
The name was the Corona virus
Since that day, everyone has been conscious
Soon that deadly little thing was becoming famous
But little did we know, that the little thing was very dangerous
Then we welcomed 2020
People thought it was the worst year in history
But then they realized they should be glad that they weren’t during the year 536
For, it was the worst year recorded in world history
Schools, offices, all shut down
Soon there were lockdowns all over cities and towns
Now it was dangerous being around family and friends
For this virus just spreads
Soon there were rises in the cases
Things began to shut down even more, hotels, barber shops and many other places
Then came the end to this year
For the next year is near
We all thought this deadly little thing will disappear
But little did we know, our sadness had only begun to appear
For the virus is going to be with us for the next year
It’s been about a year
But still, hope is not at all near
Then we welcomed 2021
But it still wasn’t perfect
Then began the covid vaccine project
Soon out of nowhere there was a spark of hope
Came out a brand-new vaccine!
Soon everyone began taking it
And a few stated to recover from it!
Soon small-small businesses began to run
Then we welcomed 2022
Now we all are screaming to Corona “shoo-shoo!”


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