My Friend

Anthony Babu Sliex, Class 6 A, Bethsada Public School, Ernakulam, Kerala

Once I had a good friend,
who helped me through the tough times,
Forgotten by months,
forgotten by years,
The friendship stopped like it had been cut by shears,
He’s going to bed he said,
The next day we woke up,
We played for hours, we won the game,
We aren’t gonna lose because that would be a shame,
Racing, fighting, and parkouring,
No one’s going to stop us
Not a car, not a bus
But it all stopped, when the clock ticked ten,
We said the ‘goodbyes’
Hoping to play by six
We went to our work,
Hours passed by, back to our game
But things changed
Nightmares came to life
He had to go forever
Somewhere, or nowhere
But to be never be seen
“And thanks for the memories we had”


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