The Canine Pals -Dogs

Sai Harshitha M, Class 6, Amberwood International School, Nellore

The Canine Pals who stick to the end
Through thick or thin, they never bend
They let us stay strong, no matter what
A very best friend, who is never apart
Evolved with man straight from the start
From our world he’ll never part
He’s always there to hear us talk
For with our love we’ll make him walk
A protector with love, awake to see
He stays so nights we sleep carefree
A friend with eyes to denote
A perfect life, always afloat
Forever he’ll wait when we are gone
He howls and whines his desperate song
When we’re back,
He’ll yip as though life is complete
When he’s elsewhere, how depressed we feel
Whatever we do, feelings won’t yield
Not until we see his eyes lit up
Not until we’re back with our beloved pup


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