The Chase

Arundhati Nair, Class 8, DAV Girls Senior Secondary School, Gopalapuram, Chennai

“Target entered the vehicle. lock on “ said the driver when Ava entered the bus to take her diary which she had left behind. Ava was confused what was going on. She tried to open the door to go out but it was locked. She started panicking. She frantically tried to open the windows but none of them were opening. Then getting scared she started to scream to her mom who was waiting for her outside, talking to her friends. But none of them could hear. Then she gathered courage and attacked the driver who was now talking to someone on the phone. All she could hear was,” Huge plan…. Soon…. John…kill”.

Ava was confused why was he talking about her uncle. Her uncle’s name was john and hated her ever since the day she was born. Ava was now getting very scared. By now the vehicle had started moving and quickly gathering more and more speed. She thought that her mom should have noticed by now, but when she looked outside she saw her mom and her friends walking towards their house in the opposite direction. She was shocked when she saw her uncle john with her mom. She now understood what was going on. She knew that Uncle john had always wanted to get rid of her, not only Uncle John but her whole family wanted to get rid of her.

Let’s start from the beginning shall we? Well all this drama started the day Ava was born. She was considered extremely unlucky by her family because the day she was born her dad died in a car accident on the way to buy some things for her, her uncles company made a huge loss, her aunt fell into a coma and her cousins pet dog died.

Ever since she was targeted by the entire family. They treated her badly and wanted to get rid of her, but her mom always protected her. Her mom used to say “I am the luckiest mother in the world to have such a precious daughter like you”. This always made ava feel better . But her family never stopped targeting her . Now she knew it was happening, the businessman must have joined forces with her family to get rid of her and there was no escape. That’s when she spotted the emergency hammer on side. She grabbed the hammer from the glass box smashed open the windows and jumped out of the moving vehicle. She knew this was risky but she had no other choice.

She landed on the ground and rolled into a small street. She was pleased with herself, she had managed to jump out of a speeding vehicle just with a few scratches. She saw that the driver of the vehicle had now noticed that she was missing and turned the vehicle and was coming towards her now. She now ran for her life. She ran with all her strength towards the only house she could see towards the end of the road. She ran straight into the gate and behind the building. On the way she saw an old lady planting some plants in the front yard . The old lady looked at her confused , but ava had no time to explain she just mouthed the word ‘help’ to her and ran . While waiting behind the building she could hear the tires of the vehicle , In fact she could hear more than one vehicle this time. Looked like the driver had called some reinforcements. She waited behind building trembling.

She didn’t know what would happen once they got hold of her. Then she heard a man talking to what sounded like the old lady. He asked her if she had seen any girl running around here. The old Lady told she saw a girl running into the trees on the other side of the road.

The man immediately turned and instructed the others to go and search in the forest . As soon as they left Ava jumped out from behind the building and thanked the old lady for saving her life . Just as Ava was about to leave she saw one of the men walking towards the house she immediately asked the old lady to hide her anywhere. The old lady took her to her basement inside the house. There Ava introduced herself and told her all about what was going on. The old lady introduced herself as Miriam and said that she lived with her granddaughter who was around Ava’s age. Then suddenly Ava heard a voice from behind them, “Um…Grandma who is this?”. It was a blond girl with emerald eyes. Ava understood that this was Melanie.

After this Miriam and Ava explained everything to Melanie. Melanie was shocked but slowly understood everything. Just then they heard the doorbell ring . Miriam went to open the door as Melanie and Ava sat in the basement. When Miriam opened the door , it was the men again . She asked them what happened. They said , “Mam we know Ava is in there ,one of our men saw her . Now please hand her over to us “ . Miriam refused . she said that no one was here. She said,” Your men might have seen my granddaughter and thought it was some other girl“. The men refused to believe. They were searching that’s when a huge man entered the house. By the rough voice, Ava knew it was Uncle John. Ava crept under a bed and Melanie pretended to read a book on the bed when a few men entered the basement. Uncle John somehow knew that Ava was in the basement. He came down to the basement and straight towards the bed. Melanie started to distract him by talking about random but he didn’t seem distracted at all. He bent down and saw ava under the bed . He pulled her out very roughly. “That’s no way to treat a girl” , said a voice from behind uncle John they turned to see Miriam standing there a bit bashed up . Uncle john called the men who were searching for Ava in the house but no one came . “No way “ said Ava . “Grandma is a former champion boxer . She was the Red Giant “ ,said Melanie with a smile not surprised at all. “No way .The RED GIANT . Oh my god .I am a huge fan “ said Ava The men who were in the basement got out from shock and suddenly caught her and throwed her to the corner of the room. Miriam was now tired and couldn’t fight anymore . She was knocked out . Then suddenly 2 men in black clothes came into the basement . They came to uncle John and asked “Is this the girl?” . Uncle John nodded . Then The men turned towards Ava and bowed . Everyone in the room was shocked including Uncle John . Then Uncle John asked “Hey Marcus I called u here to kill her not to bow to her “. Ava was shocked “Kill me?”. Ava knew that they hated her but she didn’t know they wanted her to die. Then the man spoke “But how can we kill our boss’s daughter ?” . Ava was confused now “Boss’s daughter?”. Then suddenly another man dressed in black appeared . Ava was shocked . It was her Dad . She ran and hugged him . He explained everything to Ava . Her dad happened to be the boss of a Company run by the government which hires people to kill all the bad criminals in the country . And her Uncle happened to be one of the criminals . But her uncle got to know about his job and that he was the next target . Her Uncle tried to kill her Dad and thought he died , but he didn’t . Then the Uncle knew that once Ava grows older she will be the heir of the company and she will soon be the boss .If she becomes the boss and knows about Uncle John she would surely come after him so he decided to kill her now itself . Ava didn’t know what to say . So all these years of being treated as bad luck was all a lie it was just because she was the heir of her dad’s company?. And her Dad was pretty much alive . She didn’t know if she was happy or Angry . There Uncle John stood as shocked as Ava was. Soon Miriam woke up , smile and said , “Hello Boss , Long time no see “. Now it was Melanie’s turn to be shocked. “Grandma you work for him”, asked Melanie. “Of course he has helped me go through lots of tough situations and financial issues.”. Soon a group of men came and Ava’s dad instructed them to arrest Uncle John and to take him to some place. Ever since then Melanie and Ava became best friends and visited her often. When ava and her dad got home Ava was shocked to see that her mom was not surprised to see her Dad alive. “This has happened many time in my life, so its not much of a shock anymore”. A few days later news came that Uncle John had broke out of Jail and was missing. Ava’s dad told her to ignore uncle John and move on in her life, So she did.


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