Aayushi Dedhia, Class 5, Swami Vivekanand International School, Mumbai

Tina was walking down the dark lane with only the moon’s light guiding the way to her house when suddenly Tina heard a faint cry of a young girl at the same time she could hear the leaves rustling right behind her. She thought it might just be the wind and moved forward after some time she again heard the cry but this time it was louder. Tina’s legs began to shiver, her heart was now pumping faster, sweat was dripping down her forehead as she ran as fast as she could hardly able to see anything, in the middle she paused to catch her breath, her clothes were covered with dirt and sweat.

Once again the wind started up a race and this time Tina heard footsteps following her she was terrified ” I want to go home, whoever you are please leave me alone, I mean no harm to you ” Tina stammered staring at the dark, silent lane from where she heard the footsteps but no one answered and as Tina turned and took a step forward out came a dark shadow which she couldn’t recognize at first as everything was dark. As the figure came closer she recognized him instantly he was her brother dressed up in zombies clothes to scare her. ” How did you like that sister? This was much better than that Halloween midnight skeleton prank played by you wasn’t it? ” His brother asked ” Well……. Yes, indeed it was petrifying ” answered Tina looking relieved that he was not a real ghost and just a prank played by her brother.

At last! They both set off for their home but, the faint cry of the young girl that Tina had heard still stayed a mystery and haunted Tina in her dreams

Narrator: well as some people say that SOMETHING’S ARE BEST LEFT A MYSTERY


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