Anaahat Paritosh, Class 3, Flomont World School, Bengaluru

All the World’s Garbage Cleared Up Overnight 

All the World’s Garbage Cleared Up Overnight

Some bug eyed aliens decided to steal all the plastic from earth to build their homes on planet x324 fantasy Mars.

They chose plastic as the material for construction since they know it won’t be destroyed by meteor storms.

They used Moto mobile 34 and landed on earth. They used a mechanical arm to pick up all the plastic from earth and went back to their planet.

The world woke up to this news flash. All worlds garbage cleared up overnight ! Plastic stolen by an extra terrestrial creature who has hidden himself in the planet. People all over the world are searching but the creature has mysteriously returned to his lifeless and barren world.

Clear breeze is flowing through the world. Landsites seem clear and empty and people are determined to find this mysterious creature.

Driveways have cleared up. People can move about freely without getting the obnoxious stench of garbage.

Cows are able eat the overripe farm produce that have been discarded by farmers and seem happy to eat apples, carrots and beans.

Schools can now have camping trips in the city on the pieces of unused lands which used to be called dump sites but now have been cleaned up thanks to the helpful mythical creatures. Houses in the cities have suddenly become affordable.

We now only hope that their land doesn’t get dumped up due to our waste.


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