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The Flamingo and the Swan

The Flamingo and the Swan

Once upon a time, in a jungle, there was a beautiful Flamingo. Everybody worshipped her. Every animal was surprised by the beauty of the Flamingo. The Flamingo was always proud of her beauty and always thought of herself as the queen of the jungle. One day as the Flamingo was walking in the jungle, she saw a crowd of animals gathered around a huge lake. She was curious to know what was happening. Everybody was worshipping some other animal. It was white and gorgeous. It was a swan! The Flamingo was jealous of her beauty. She thought the animals would get over with the swan, but they didn’t! Now they didn’t worship the flamingo, but they worshipped the swan. Nobody even cared about the flamingo, it was like she was invisible.

After a few more days the flamingo was done! She went to the lake to talk to the swan in private. The flamingo said “Swan, stop it! You are taking over my reputation.”
The swan was shocked to hear this, the swan said” Flamingo I am not trying to take over your reputation or your fame. The animals think that I am very beautiful. “I don’t even care if I am famous or beautiful,” said the swan. The flamingo was shocked “You don’t like fame. But it is the best. “Not for me,” said the swan. Look, it does not matter if you are beautiful or ugly. It matters what is on the inside, not the outside. The Flamingo understood now. She was not selfish or proud of herself anymore. The Swan and the flamingo became best friends.

The moral of the story is to never be overconfident in anything because you never know when it will change. It doesn’t matter what’s on the outside; what matters is what’s on the inside of you.


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