The Disastrous Voyage

Oshin Arora, Class 8, Sri Venkateshwar International School, New Delhi

In 2055, There was a company named Universe U. They were working on the red planet and were very curious to know can life live there or not? They did many researches for 10 years. Finally in 2066, they were successful to colonize mars. Everything goes well, until the anniversary of their arrival. Then something catastrophic occurs. They found that there was a shocking thing due to which life is impossible. They found mars do not have a atmospheric layer which is the most essential layer for human life to live. It has a very necessary layer known as OZONE LAYER. The ozone layer helps protect us from ultraviolet radiation (UV) from the sun. In fact, the ozone layer absorbs most of the UV radiation the sun sends to us. UV exposure increases the risk of potentially blinding eye diseases, if eye protection is not used. Overexposure to UV radiation can lead to serious health issues, including cancer. But then it was a big twist in their lives as they had put their all money to research on Mars. Also, the surface is not hospitable to humans or most known life forms due to the radiation, greatly reduced air pressure, and an atmosphere with only 0.16% oxygen. Hence, it was sure that life cannot live on mars. But can the aim of scientists make mars suitable to live? Let’s have a look further! UniverseU send a astronaut to space to study mars as satellites were not successful to study mars properly. Everything was going well but suddenly minor planets collided with their space shuttle and space shuttle instantly crashed on a peculiar planet. It was strange because of the creatures living on it. Creatures were so strange as plants were walking and talking just like humans and same with animals. Animals looked alike humans. There was not a single human like us but creatures like humans. As their language was also English so it became easier to talk.

Astronaut name was Aakesh, his name meaning was lord of sky. Aakesh’s space shuttle was damaged so integrated audio through which he used to communicate exploded when the space shuttle crashed. Don’t worry! Astronauts have devices in their helmets which transfer the sound waves from their voices into radio waves and transmit them to the ground. Aakesh was safe but then he didn’t knew where he is. He asked a big old tree. Tree said you are on Sepler-748S. ‘You are not from this planet, right?’ tree said. Yes! I belong to Earth, Aakesh continued. He started exploring the planet. He heard two peoples talking about a mysterious door.

Aakesh was very curious to know about that uncanny door. He ran there as quick as a light travels. He asked them “Which door are you both talking about?”. They told him, there is a mysterious door popularly known as “THE GOLD DOOR” or “THE WAY TO AURUM”. Aakesh asked them, why it is called the gold door or the way to aurum? They continued, Do you want us to tell the whole story behind that door? Aakesh said sure. The story behind that magical door was there were two sisters named Laura and Lily. They had lost their parents in a severe air plane accident. They used to live with their grandma. They both loved to play carom.

One day, when they went to their grandma’s room to ask a doubt while they were studying, they found that their grandma was not there in the room. Ohh! I forgot, grandma told that she had went to buy some vegetables and do you know today she is going to make burger, said Lily. Lily was the elder sister. While they were going out of the room, Laura shouted, wowww! Lily turned and said what happened? Laura said, see that beautiful rectangle. It was a door like shaped thing and only sides were visible. It’s side were shiny and beautiful. It puzzled Lily and Laura. Lily tried to touch it’s sides but mistakenly she pressed a button because of what a door was visible. But it was not a simple door, it was floating in air and in centre it had spirals which were moving. Laura put her hand inside the spirals and suddenly someone snatched her in. Lily also went inside to save Laura. Lily and Laura saw that there was a princess captivated in a cage by a monster. They were just about to open the cage but then a sound came which was very nasty. It was the sound of monster and he was laughing loud HaHaHaHa! He said “First fight with me”! They both were all set to free the princess. They started fighting but in-between Laura tried to give up but Lily said “No, remember our mother used to say never quit in any situation as it’s difficult not impossible”. Laura and Lily continued but something shocking happened, from Laura and Lily’s hands magical rays came out and then from those rays monster died, they opened the cage and princess was free. Princess invited them for a dinner and they also agreed. Their grandma came but they didn’t shared anything with grandma. Laura and Lily didn’t slept all night just thinking was that our imagination or real.

Next day, they asked their grandma what is happening as door was in their grandma’s room. Their grandma said it may be your both dream but strangely their grandma was hesitating while speaking, it was like she was lying. When their grandma went out they started searching something in their grandma’s room. Laura found a big diamond in their grandma’s closet. When Laura hold it she changed into a fairy and same happened with Lily when she hold it. As Laura and Lily were invited for dinner, they went in that fairy form to dinner with the same door. Next evening, They asked Their grandma to say truth. The big Mystery was opened now, their grandma told them that their mother was a fairy and one say a princess came and told her that if her daughter-in-law give birth to a girl that girl will be a fairy. Fortunately, You both borned. Their grandma requested them to go to heaven as heaven is their real home and they went to heaven. Aakesh was all ears. The both friends continue to tell that if anyone will be successful to go inside that door will get a lot of money and his/her age of life will increase.

They also said door is in a secret room which is said to be haunted. That haunted room was in a hotel and it was room number 5. Room number 5 was said to be haunted as a paranormal activist was killed there and do you know who was the killer? It was a ghost itself. That paranormal activist name was Naina. It is said that her soul wanders in that room since 15.4 years. Aakesh was very eager to go to that room as before astronaut he had also work in a criminal case. Aakesh went there on 5th May. That room was very dirty. There were many webs of spiders but not a single spider and a lot of dust in whole room. Aakesh tried to on lights but all bulbs were fused. When he pushed the 2nd switch of 5th board, suddenly a door like thing appeared just like that two friends told. Aakesh tried to go inside but nothing happened. In 2 minutes door came in motion and started moving here and there. Aakesh tried to stop it and then finally he stopped it. He again tried and same thing happened with Aakesh that happened with Laura and Lily. He saw a monster and a princess was captivated then he was successful to open the cage and make princess free. Aakesh life increased with 10years and he got a lot money. Do you know why was it possible, asked one of those friends? No, Aakesh said. They told it happened because you were fearless and you faced your fears. I these 15.4 years no one was able to even say a word about that place. Aakesh became very good friend of all them people on that planet and also the population was very low, around 1,00,000 of whole world. Unluckily, Aakesh became greedy and he thought to captivate that planet as it was so beautiful. Aakesh friends also arrived as he had talk to his friends from the device in his space suit helmet. He shared the idea with his friends and his friends also supported him. They set fires at all places and starting doing riots but the planet’s residents also fought against them. Finally they all won the fight. Aakesh and his friends came back to Earth. After that Aakesh and his team continued to research on mars and providentially they were all set to move on mars. A day came when Earth collided with a big Asteroid and luckily all the space shuttle in which normal people can also travel was ready and all sat in that space shuttle and then we finally went to Mars. But do you really think can we live on Mars for a long time? When we moved on Mars people had no place to live in as no houses were build not even a pit house. People had no food to eat as plants also take time to grow. We don’t have any essentials with us. Just imagine the life then and after. After 6years, people had all the essentials they need but what happened till those 6years? Some people died because of no medicines and food to eat. No water purification machines led to diarrhoea, cholera, dysentery, typhoid, or polio and then death. No homes to survive and no hospital to save lives and give birth led to less population as babies before getting born were dying. No schools led to less education. There was no employment and works. Because of so much poverty and starvation there was increased robberies and all the millionaires even came on roads. Also, because of starvation people had to eat dust and even dead people’s skin and bones. Due to starvation and unemployment, people had no energy left in themselves. One of the another means to live life peacefully- clothes, people’s clothes were tearing off and they had to suffer through that as well. Because of all the issues occurring, people went into depression. People were not even getting adequate amount of sleep. As people went into depressions, there were no good relations left between anyone. No education led to no jury which ultimately led to no laws which referred directly to a non-suitable life. As people went into depressions, so no one was getting suitable way of sleep and due to which many died due to cardiac arrest. There was a woman named Lakshmi, she had huge thoughts since her childhood. She was one of the woman suffering on Mars. She invented certain machines to purify water which was totally a new invention from different materials on mars as it seemed. She also made out clothes from the leaves and mud. When everyone saw her will, spirit and dedication towards making mars a suitable planet, they too came in support of Lakshmi and helped her to make out shelters (homes) by mud.

After 6years, people had all the things to live a suitable life. But we are humans, we will not change. After 1000000000000000 years, we people also did same condition of Mars and then Mars burst. All died as we did not had any other planet to live on. This was a story but I believe if we will save our Earth and spend that time and money on Earth instead of Mars and change our behaviour nothing will happen and we will live a happy life on Earth. #BEHAPPYONEARTH


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