March 25, 2023

The Great Detective

Agastya Mundhe, Class 8, The Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai

The Great Detective Agastya Mundhe Alex slumped on his bed as he thought of the two murders that had occurred during the past few days at ‘New York Apartments’, where he was living at that point. The first murder took place below his apartment, while the second murder took place with his neighbours. He shuddered at the thought that he was the person who was going to be murdered next. As he closed his eyes and fell into a world of nightmares, he saw himself face to face with the murderer. The murderer, had a mask on, so no one would identify him. However, there was something very familiar about this person. Had he seen this person somewhere? Alex was shivering so much that he thought he would wet his pants. No sooner had the murderer drawn his gun out, than Alex broke into a run. He outran the murderer. Suddenly, Agastya felt something warm on his chest. As he looked at it, he fell to the ground and died. Alex woke up with sweat beads on his face and felt as if he was sitting in a pool. “Oh no! What a mess! How am I going to survive without my parents?”, he sobbed.

Being a very fearful boy, he couldn’t help but think that he was the next victim of the murderer. But there was something that wouldn’t stop nagging him. He was determined to find out who the murderer was. After all, there were only eight people that lived in ‘New York Apartments’ out of which two had been murdered. Alex stayed up all night thinking about the familiar face he saw in his nightmare and how it could relate to the actual murderer. Alex focused as hard as he could to remember the dream and remembered a key detail. The murderer’s eyes were red, awfully red. He knew there were only three people in his apartment who had awfully red eyes. They were Mr Mehta, a man who was a psychologist for the poor, then there was Mrs Dole who everyone thought was a very evil witch. She acted as if she was the boss of everyone and everything. The final suspect was the one and only owner of the apartments, Mr Carter.

No sooner had Alex started interviewing the three suspects than he got the same replies which were, “I was attending some business calls.” Alex thought and thought, but just couldn’t understand who had committed the murder out of the three suspects. He decided to sneak in some cameras in the homes of the three suspects. Later that night, he was as bored as any person could be when suddenly he saw Mr Carter and Mr Mehta move towards the door. He decided to step out of his apartment when he saw the two men discussing. He heard them conversing.
“Are you ready to discuss the issue,Carter?”
“As ready as anyone can be, Mehta.”

They started to stroll around the apartment in a frightening manner. Alex followed them as slick as a spy. But then Alex slipped and landed on the ground with a thud! The two men looked behind and gasped. They were astonished that someone was following them. When they realized it was Alex, they decided to take the little boy back to bed. As Mr Mehta picked Alex up, he felt something warm in his chest. As he looked at it, he landed on the ground with a thud. Lucky in a manner, Alex had managed to catch Mr Carter stabbing Mr Mehta in the chest. Alex stood up, and was as scared as a kitten with a duck as its foster mother. He knew the game was up. This time Mr Carter pulled out a revolver and pointed it at Alex.
“Any last words, kid?”, he asked.
“Oh yes! A stiff resistance.”, replied Alex.
Alex lunged at Mr Carter and punched him in the face. Mr Carter hit back by kicking Alex in the stomach so hard that Alex was knocked out in a few seconds. As his eyelids fluttered, he realized this was the end for him. Mr Carter had his revolver ready. With the last bits of his strength he whacked Mr Carter so hard that Mr Carter was knocked out.

Alex called the police up and explained the whole incident. They took Mr Carter away and carried Mr Mehta’s corpse to the hospital. But there was only one question remaining. Who would own the building? Alex decided to let his parents be the owners of the building. Just then, the police officer wailed as Mr Carter shot him and fled for his life.


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