The Magic Rainbow

Jenny Sagar, Class 2, JBCN school, Mumbai

Once upon a time, there lived a couple. They lived in a small cottage in town near a Castle. Every year they buried a gold coin for good luck in their backyard. One day a bad mad Prince from the the nearby castle came to their cottage after he got to know that the couple has many buried coins. The prince doesn’t want anyone to be rich in his kingdom. The bad mad Prince was very brutal and he came once every year to the town to get all the riches from the people.

One day the Prince got really mad at the husband because he has been hiding coins. So the Prince kidnapped his wife. The husband got really very sad. Then a few days later, the husband was working in his field and thinking how to get his wife back. And he saw a beautiful rainbow across his field. It wasn’t any common rainbow, but it was a magical rainbow and so the husband begged to the rainbow to give him so many gold coins to give to the Prince so that the Prince can give his wife back.

And alas! his wish came true. The Magical Rainbow traded the wife for the gold coins and rescued the wife and got her back home. Then they lived happily ever after.

The End.


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