The Mighty Mangoo

Sai Harshitha M, Class 7, Amberwood International School, Nellore

Mangoo the mango lived with his siblings on a tree. With the start of the sweltering summer season, they began to ripen. One day when Mangoo was deep in conversation with his friend, Manga, he said “ I wonder why those men come to visit our trees everyday.” Manga replied “ Don’t you know yet ? In a few days we are going to be taken to the market to be sold and eaten.”

“Humans will eat us!” said Mangoo, aghast. Then he firmly said “Well, I’m not going to be eaten!” “Good luck with that!” Manga said.

The very next day, all the mangoes were plucked and put into the truck. Mangoo, who was at the top of the pile, was both terrified and furious. He wished there was a way to escape, but there seemed no way out . A little while later, when the truck hit a speed breaker on the road, Mangoo fell off of the pile and landed in a shopping bag. “Just great! Now I’ll be eaten even quicker!” He thought.

But the bike he had landed in kept moving, and when they finally stopped, he was barely able to peer over the top and realize that they were in the countryside. He was taken out and sat on the kitchen counter for quite a few days with only flies to keep him company.

Then, he was finally picked up by the little girl of the house. She carried him out to the garden where Mangoo thought “ this is the end! Goodbye wonderful world!” closing his eyes hard. But then he felt himself being lowered. With wide open eyes he realized he was being planted!

The little girl took care of him very well. Day by day, month by month, year by year he grew taller and stronger. One fateful summer he himself bore many fruits. By then the little girl was a young woman. She decided to give the crop to her friends and family to plant in their gardens. Even now, the girl and the tree grow older together and live happily.


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