The Choco Land

Aaranyakn Ganguli, Class 4, South Point School, Kolkata

Once upon a time there was a beautiful kingdom called Joy Land. Mother Nature had gifted it with beautiful mountains, rivers, springs and a lot of greenery. The king was fair and good and all the people were very happy. But the queen was unhappy because the little prince Beanstalk was very thin. He did not like to eat anything. The queen fed him Complan, Horlicks, Pediasure etc but the prince did not grow fat. One day a king from a far away land visited them. He gifted Beanstalk a box of chocolates. Beanstalk liked it so much that he finished the box very soon.

And now he wanted to have chocolates all the time. So he prayed to the god of chocolates “ I want to live in a world of chocolates.” The god appeared in his dreams one night and granted him his wish. When Beanstalk woke up next morning he saw that everything in their kingdom- the sky, the mountains, the rivers, the plants and animals had all turned into chocolates. They themselves had also become chocolates. But the prince did not want this. He only wanted to eat chocolate fruits from trees, drink chocolate shakes from rivers and streams. He wished the plants to grow chocolate wafers and chocolate lollypops. The prince became very sad. How could he eat chocolates when he himself was a chocolate?

Now the Choco Land was in great danger. All the neighbouring kingdoms attacked them from time to time. They plucked all the chocolate fruits from their chocolate trees, cut and carried away the chocolate bushes, filled drums with chocolate shakes from their rivers and looted the chocolate eclairs that fell from the mouths of the chocolate birds singing on chocolate trees. The chocolate soldiers could not fight them with their chocolate weapons. But the Choco Land’s most dangerous enemy were the ants. They attacked regularly and ate everything in minutes. Beanstalk’s best friend was Rolly Polly, the prince of the neighbouring kingdom. Their fathers were also friends.

Rolly Polly was sad too because he could not play with Beanstalk anymore. Beanstalk started melting as soon as they started playing. Beanstalk asked Rolly Polly for help. Rolly Polly told his father. The king consulted his ministers and they sent aeroplanes filled with Baygon spray.

The aeroplanes flew into Choco Land and sprayed Baygon on the ants. Most of the ants died on the spot and the rest of the ant army fled. But the Baygon spray also killed most of the plants and animals of Choco Land and polluted its rivers and lakes.

Seeing this Beanstalk started crying. After all, he was a little boy. Taking pity on him the god of chocolate appeared before him and asked “Do you want more chocolates?” “No, I don’t want any more chocolates. I am very sorry. I will never be greedy again. Please make everything like before.” “ Ok, I forgive you, but do not forget your promise.” The god disappeared and everything turned normal again. Beautiful white clouds floated in blue sky, mountains were brown, trees looked green and water looked blue. Beanstalk became a good boy and ate whatever his mother gave him.

Beanstalk and Rolly Polly could play like before. Everybody was happy. But the queen was the happiest. Beanstalk was gaining weight.


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