When I Learned to Swim

Aaisha Asfiya, Class 4, AlYasmin International School, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

It all started when we went to a swimming pool. A thought stuck on my mind when I was in the water, “How will it feel to swim? Is that scary?” I was indeed very scared. My mother agreed to teach me. I felt like drowning in that cold, clean water. My mom knew proper swimming.

She was telling how to stay afloat and move forward. But, I still did not learn a single thing. I did not want to give up though. She taught me gently and more clearly. With her help, I gave one last try by stretching my hands and legs and pushing the water back.

Three… two… one… I took off. “Yes, it is happening!” I said to myself. I moved swiftly. “Hurrah! I am not drowning.” I felt that I was moving as speed as a rocket. When I looked around, I realized, “Oh! I am not moving that fast…”. Even then, I was very happy that I learned a new skill in just a few hours. When recalling the event, I feel happy and excited.


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