Samarth Jhunjhunwala, Class 9, Sri Kumaran Public School – ICSE, Bengaluru

The Most Challenging Vocation

The Most Challenging Vocation

Imagine, working 24×7 for the rest of your life. You will be given no leaves, with exceptions not being given to weekends or even festivals. Being specialised in just one field will not suffice, you are required to be highly versatile rather! This seems cumbersome already, but to add to it, you are supposed to perform all of this without receiving any sort of salary or recognition! This is how the life of every homemaker, who voluntarily devotes herself to her family proceeds. I truly believe that homemakers are epitomes of selflessness! A homemaker, according to me, shoulders innumerable responsibilities. Right from taking care of all the household chores, to cooking food for her family thrice a day!

As I had stated earlier, their job bids them to be highly versatile. Not only are they their family’s accountants, but also their chefs. Every homemaker is a teacher while her children complete their assignments, and a doctor when somebody falls ill! They are adroit at every possible skill, making it easier for them to support their families, no matter what the situation may be. Most importantly, I believe that a homemaker is her family’s cheerleader. During trying scenarios, her family finds solace only when comforted by her! She motivates them when they have lost hope, comforts them when they are hurt, but most importantly makes them feel loved and special at every instant! Who says that homemakers don’t buttress the inflow of money? I believe, that indirectly, homemakers, play an ever-important role in bolstering a family’s income.

They provide their family members with love, care and assistance, without which progression in any field would be far off. I believe, that a homemaker’s service is truly selfless and cannot be put a price on. Giving them a salary in the form of cash, would never satiate, therefore it is each of our duty to repay them in the form of respect, love and most importantly expressing that you value whatever they do for you. This is the least we can do, for those who devote their entire lives for us!


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