The Mysterious Bag

Arjyahi Dutta, Class 6, National Public School, Yeshwanthpur, Bengaluru

Once upon a time, in a small town there lived a girl named Ashley in a cottage. One day, while she was reading a book in her garden, she saw a stranger leaving a big bag on her lawn and running away. Ashley called after him but to no avail. She told her parents about it, and they called the police, to find out if there was anything dangerous in it. It was found to be empty when the police opened it, and they were totally baffled and had no idea what to do. Then, they decided to consult their seniors, and assured the family that they would return the next day with experts to inspect the bag, in case it was any trouble or danger to the family . Ashley, however, being a curious little girl, wanted to explore the inside of the big bag, looking for anything interesting. So, that afternoon, when her parents were napping, she thrust her hands inside the bag and peeked inside.

An invisible force seemed to be pulling her inside the bag, and the next instant, she seemed to be transported to a different land. She found herself in an empty white space surrounded by different portals leading to different kinds of lands. She found herself in a jungle by dinosaurs.

Suddenly, it occurred to her-the bag was a time machine! In a few minutes, everything went black and the next instant Ashley was back in her lawn holding the bag. According to her watch, it was exactly five minutes since she had entered the bag. Then, she took the bag to her room and when the police arrived the next day to examine the bag,

Ashley narrated the previous day’s events. No one believed her, and she showed them that it was true. Then, the astounded police officers left and let Ashley keep her ‘time machine’ since she discovered it. The news spread like wildfire and people pouring into her house to see the ‘time machine’, and now Ashley was charging $5 for every visit by people.

Every Day, she thanked the stranger daily in her mind for the bag. And from then on, every month Ashley started donating ¾th of the money she earned to charity. Who would have thought that a seemingly dangerous bag would end up bringing money that would be use for charitable causes and help so many people in need? Well, that’s exactly what happened because of inquisitive and kind Ashley!


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