The Mysterious Dairy

Tashi Singh, Class 7, Delhi Public School, Faridabad

November, 2023

In the 1990’s, Mr. Wilson my uncle’s friend and Professor Jason were very good friends. Professor Jason was actually a well know scientist. He had a very curious mind just like that of a child. He had so much interest in Astronomy that he even opened a space observatory on his terrace.

He was certain that we are not alone in this universe. He always tried to find life on other planets. He was quite certain that life existed on planet mars and so he decided to make a rocket, fly their and find out if life existed on planet mars. But after quite some time, nobody was quite sure if professor was still alive as they haven’t even got a single message from him and after quite a few years everybody forgot about him.

It was from Mr. Wilson that I got Professor Jason’s diary. At once, something struck me as odd. The colour of the ink had been green the first time when I’d looked at it. Now it was red.
How could that be ? I put the diary in my pocket. Obviously, I had made a mistake. My heart skipped a beat when I opened the diary at home. The ink was now blue, and before my very eyes, the ink turned to yellow. I got so scared that I decided to destroy the dairy.

I tried pulling a page out, and realised that the paper was impossible to tear. It was like elastic. I lit my stove and dropped the diary into the flames. Nothing happened. Only the colour of the ink changed.
That same night, I read the diary. This is what I read. It is for you to judge whether it is true or false, possible or impossible.

21 January
We left Earth seven days ago. Our food supply should last us five years. Newton, my cat, does not have to be fed more than once a week. One fish pill is good enough for him to last seven days. For myself, I have taken the special pill. One tiny pill keeps hunger and thirst away for twenty-four hours. I have taken 200,000 pills with me.

Newton was restless during the first few days, possibly because he wasn’t used to being kept in a confined space. Since yesterday, however, he has been sitting quietly on my desk, staring out of the window. The sky looks totally black, but there are endless bright, luminous stars and planets.

29 January
We landed on Mars two hours ago. I am writing my diary sitting on a soft yellow ‘rocky mound. Everything here-the trees, the ground, stones and rocks- is kind of soft, and feels like rubber.

A little distance away, a red river is flowing by. It took me a while to realise that it was a river, as its ‘water’ looked like clear jelly, a bit like guava jelly. Perhaps all rivers here are red. It is these rivers that had appeared as red threads from space. What had struck me as water, it turned out, were grass and trees and plants. All of it is blue, instead of green. What is green is the sky. Everything is the opposite of what we see on Earth.

There is the occasional gust of wind that is very cold indeed. It lasts for only a few seconds, but seems to freeze the my bones. At first, I was afraid to taste the water in the river. Then, when I saw Newton drinking it, I felt bold enough to cup my hand and drink a mouthful of water myself. It tasted like guava jelly. One sip was enough to wipe out every sign of both physical and mental tiredness?. Except for the faint trickling of the river, there is absolutely no noise.

1 February
We sadly saw no life on Mars. But I am very excited to share my experience to everyone on earth.

. . .

After I had received Professor Jason’s dairy, I thought I should share his experience with the world but then thought that the fools who live here will use this valuable piece of information in the wrong way and will not believe what is written in this diary. I still have the diary with me today safe and sound and will pass it from generation to generation.

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