The Never Ending Void

Paridhi Mehta, Class 8, Deens Academy, Bengaluru

The space, a vacuum, a never-ending void,
There in space left a little boy named Floyd,
Oh, how he wished he was never sent here,
Now seek sufferance and misery my dear,
Or that’s what he thought,
No day, no night, no nothing has it got!
There are big lumps of rocks floating around,
They move so fast and yet no sound?
There are no restaurants, no shops,
But if they were? He looked around and stopped,
He doesn’t have any money, oh wait he forgot!
What would money be in space? Starbucks?
He thought about this pun and laughed a lot,
But what instead he saw, something he’d never seen,
Luminescent luxuries owned no king or queen,
They were big bright stars and purple black lights,
With a large lump of matter inside the color was white,
He went round and round till he saw 8 big bulgy round things,
Some were blue and golden and the 4 others had rings,
He kept floating till he saw a huge black hole,
He had had learned about this, terrified it left his soul,
He gets pulled in and in, there’s no going back.
No stars, colors, lights everything it lacked,
He struggles, will he or this black hoe win?
He gives up and and reality floods in,
He opens his eyes feeling happy he’s here,
Time has come now , there was nothing to fear,
The space a vacuum a never-ending void,
There in space once little boy named Floyd,
Oh, how he got what he wished, was being here,
Now seek knowledge and and happiness my dear.


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