Remember When

Isha Nadkarni, Class 4, Bombay Scottish School, Mumbai

Remember when only on scraping our knees tears would roll down and we cried,
when we weren’t conscious whether what we were eating was raw, baked or fried!
Remember when mom was our confidant and dad was our only hero,
when we failed on colouring outside the line, not on getting a zero.
Our biggest struggle was finding the perfect mix to make glitter slime,
not struggle and cancel events from our schedule to make some time.
When the pencil nib stuck in the sharpener used to be our biggest worry,
and to rush down to play, we were always in a hurry.
Remember when forgetting supplies for an art project was when we got stressed,
and there was no judgment about our physical features or about how we dressed.
Remember when race only meant running fast, and was not a politically exploited issue about our skin colour or caste.
Remember when not our ego, but helium balloons or kites flew high up in the sky.
When we were fearless little kids, and everything we would try.
Remember when we fantasised about all the things we would do when we grow,
but now we want to go back and make time stop or at least make it slow.


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