The Old Book

Saisha Kapoor, Class 8, Learning Paths School

It was a cold day in December, and the clocks were striking thirteen. A girl named Elena, was coming back from her school when suddenly she saw a dirty, old book. She picked it up and took it to her home. She went into her room and opened the book out of curiosity. She saw a key embedded in it. She took it out and stared at it for a while. The next morning, she went to her garden to give water to her plants. When she was watering the plants, she saw a letter on the leaf of a plant. She opened it and was surprised when she saw the same key drawn on it. It was written in the letter that the key will open a lock in the library of your school. She rushed to her school carrying that old book and the key. She saw a lock in the library.

She opened it and saw a boy there. The boy looked very frightened. She calmed him down and asked him who locked him there. The boy told her, “I am a spy and I was on a mission to solve the mystery of this library and when I completed my mission and went back towards the door, I found it locked. I don’t know who locked the door. Since then, I was locked here.” She gave him some water to drink. Then she asked him about the book. He told her that it was an old book in the library. He was surprised to see the same book in Elena’s hand. The boy, Ken, asked, “Where did you find this book?” Elena told Ken, “It was lying on the street. The street was near the stadium.” Ken suddenly rushed to the stadium with her.

Although the stadium was locked from many days, they found someone’s footprints near the stadium that were leading inside the stadium. They decided to follow them and find out whose the footprints were. The footprints ended near a dark room. Elena advised not to go inside but Ken didn’t listen. In the room they found a note. In a bold, freaky handwriting it said “DO NOT ENTER”. After reading the note Elena got very scared and again advised to go back, but Ken again didn’t listen to her. Elena couldn’t leave Ken alone so she went on with him. After a long time, they found another room but it was locked so they started finding the key to open the door. While finding the key, Elena found a box and when she opened it, she saw a map and a bunch of keys. Elena gave the map and the keys to Ken and told him to take a look over to the map.

While Ken analyzed the map, Elena tried to open the door with the keys. Finally, after a bunch of time one of the keys opened the lock and something very strange appeared. One of Elena’s friends who studied with her, had once bunked the school to their mysterious library (where Ken undertook his mission) and since then he had never been found. This was the same boy who had got lost years back. Elena asked him, Max, that how did he get here.

Max told Ken and Elena “When I reached the library it was all dark even though it was daytime and the sun was just above our school but after a while, I saw something shining in the fictional corner. I went to see what it was. While I was going towards that corner someone suddenly caught me from the back and when I opened my eyes I was right out here. Max asked, “By the way why are you here?” Elena told everything about the old book, Ken and the mysteries. After hearing all of this, Max also decided to go with them and help them to solve all the mysteries. Ken said “First we have to find out that who is kidnapping and locking everyone.” Everyone followed the map that Elena had found. After an hour, they reached at the end of the map. There they met Ken’s boss, Mr. Robert.

Mr. Robert was also a spy when he was young but when he retired, he decided to teach people how to become a perfect spy. He taught Ken about spy stuff. After a time of introduction, he told them in his bossy voice “Something strange is going on in the town. Everyone is first getting kidnapped and then someone locks him or her in some strange place.”

The children also agreed to Mr. Robert and told him what had happened with them. Mr. Robert said “I think you all can become great spies! Ken, you are promoted from a beginner to a captain, great work! Elena, Max, here take this beginner’s badge. Thank you Mr. Robert, said the three spies. Ok one important thing, it’s not just the badge that will make you a spy, you have to solve mysteries and go on missions to become a real spy. I have an important task for you three, to find out that who is doing all this. This will be a very tough and risky mission but always remember that you are spies and spies don’t care about themselves they just focus on their mission.” Mr. Robert was a very strict man. He didn’t like to waste a minute. “Ok now go my brave little spies. And take care of yourselves”, Mr. Robert said.

What will happen next? Mr. Robert has given the spies a very tough and risky mission. Will they be able to solve the mystery and return safely? Let’s see what happens next in our second edition!


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