The Real You

M. Harshitha, Class 9, Y.R.T.V School, Sivakasi

Anyone can be anything they wish for until they target that They Can Do It? Some may have a question, If They Didn’t Achieve Their Target Does It Means That They Are Defeated? No it does not means that. For instance, if a man doesn’t have legs but if we can fly in the air we call him a Ghost.

The same when we don’t take steps to achieve the target but we have achieved it with the help of some dependents we call it Defeat .What will you do if a thunder or storm hits your house? Will you try to escape or will you try to face it?

Here when you escape it means you were quitting to achieve your target but the same when you try to face it, even when you fail you can achieve the next level because when you face your fear everything goes right but no one has ever tried to face their real fear. When you have faced your real fear and achieved your goal, you are the: REAL YOU…


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