The Sight

Navoneer Bhattacharyya

The old shepherd looked
beyond yonder and glen,
from his world up in the hill,
Far apart from women and men,
he looked down and saw a farmer till.
He looked over and saw the bright green trees,
He looked at the pond and saw wild geese.
He looked up, saw the sky was so blue,
And a baby calf calling for his mother with a moo.
Across the large valley,
he saw tall trees of pine,
He heard a young Scottish girl singing Auld Lang Syne.
The majestic eagle swooped down upon its prey.
And a cat taking slumber on the stack of hay.
He saw a girl dancing in the field, a boy flying a kite,
Happily, he muttered to himself what a blissful sight!
Cherishing the olden days,
he found himself in nature’s lap,
Walking around the mountains,
holding his crook and cap.
As years passed by,
he became feeble and old,
In the busy chores of life,
nature’s story remained untold.
But no more delay,
the nature was beckoning him,
He got ready,
though it appeared to be a dream.
With his crook and cap,
he set foot on the ground,
After a long time,
his march was nature-bound.
He arrived there with haste,
as he saw nature’s light,
“I am back for you”,
he yelled happily with his eyes bright.
His soul found solace,
with every breath he felt blessed,


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