The Magical Sprout

Charitakshi Nuniwal, Class 6, Summer Fields School, New Delhi

I was dozing away
When I heard someone say
“I’m late” he said
To my surprise I was not in my bed
I was sleeping in a pile of hay
Near the shores beside the bay
I was wondering where I was
From my bedroom to the sea across
I got to my feet and started to look around
There were little people and a little town
So, I went to the town and started to look for a door
When a girl came and told me I can’t get out anymore
She told me if you’re in you can’t get out
The only way is to get the magical sprout
So, I asked her where the magical sprout was
It was over the witch’s walls
But be careful she cautioned me
The witch is not a kind she
So, I set off to the witch’s house
The witch also owned a pet mouse!
Slowly and steadily, I sneaked over her wall
Where I found the sprout in a bowl
I picked up the bowl and heard a voice
I understood I had not made a good choice
I ran as fast as I could
And the witch followed
I ran and ran till it almost felt I was flying
And maybe the witch was hiding
But she jumped out and asked me why I took her sprout
So, I explained her how I wanted to get out
I couldn’t believe It but I had to
The witch let me through
At last, I reached the town
And I found the little girl around
I gave her the sprout
And she opened the way out
There I was at my home now
And maybe I’ll visit that place again somehow


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