Artificial Intelligence

Navya Kiran, Class 6, Khaitan Public School, Ghaziabad

5 Things That AI Can’t Do

AI has completely changed the world of technology and us humans. There are many concerns related to AI becoming so complex that it is taking all our jobs and leaving us humans automated. They are becoming so complex that almost everything is being done by them only. But we’ve not lost all hope! There are certain tasks which comes only from the human brain, meaning only we can do it and AI can’t. So, let’s see some of the tasks that AI can’t do:

1. Creative- One of the tasks AI can’t do is creative thinking. It is best at analyzing data and solving complex problems, but it can’t replace the innovative and imaginative mind that us humans have. Creativity can’t be stolen from AI, we posess it!!

2. Critical Thinking- IT is the process of analyzing information and making decisions based on that information. While AI can perform complex tasks, it can’t do critical thinking on it’s own like humans can. It needs a command to perform a particular task, and critical thinking can’t be done like that!

3. Emotional Feelings- Feelings are necessary for everyone. They help you to understand why the person is sad or happy. Feelings, especially the real ones can’t ever be replaced by AI, as they are robots and they can’t ever have feelings, let alone original ones.

4. Flexibility- Robots definitely can NOT be flexible at all! They are machines, and they don’t have a body like us humans. It doesn’t even take glasses to see that robots will definitely shatter into a million pieces if they even try to bend their body.

5. Entrepreneurship- AI may be capable of making different kinds of inventions, but they need commands to do that. They are not capable of thinking out a cool invention which is exactly entrepreneurship.


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