Is Suffering Important?

Sarvodya Singh, Class 9, Army Public School, Jorhat, Assam

We all always suffer from something in our lives. The rich suffer because they are rich, the poor suffer because of their poverty, people without family suffer because they have no family and people with family suffer because of their family, man without wife suffer and man with wife suffers too. There is a lot of suffering and we can even say that life is a form of suffering. 

Now you must be thinking that how good it would be if there were a world where no one suffers, the world of only peace, the world of only love. How great would it be right?

WRONG! You are Wrong.
Because a world without pain is a world without progress and a world without progress is a world without development and a world without development is a world without future.

There are suffering which are harder than others, however suffering is important for the development and it can not be avoided. Without suffering a strong man cannot be formed. We will suffer in whatever we do, the thing we have will have some kind of suffering in it and because of this we feel a lot of pain but pain however is the most effective way to make us move and make us stronger. Because we will go to eat only if we are hungry, we will not drink water if we are not thirsty and thrist is important so that we give our body the right amount of water.

Making a friend will also give the pain of leaving him, a healthy body will cause sweat and pain, whatever you do will give you happiness but some amount of suffering as well. The only thing is that one suffering is greater for you than the other but there will be some amount of pain everywhere and you have to face it all. And if you don’t suffer then you haven’t lived. A game where you get everything easily without suffering will give you no progress but if in a game you knocked out the boss only in the 10th attempt, then that feeling would be much better because you had experienced failure before. Without any suffering there will be no goal and a game without goal is a game without meaning. If you don’t want suffering in your life, then you are already DEAD.

You can even see that the expert of any field is not the best because he thinks that he is the best and he can do it, but it is completely opposite. They are the best because they believe that they are not good at it and they have to work even harder. Man is not what he thinks himself to be but rather, he is what he makes himself through hardwork and by surviving the sufferings. The fact that you feel pain means you are still alive. It is all up to you if you want to get stuck in the difficulties and pain or you want to get out of there by facing it with the right attitude and grow as a person. It’s all on you.

Everyone knows that it will take a long time and it will be difficult but all these ups and downs are what make our life so special and unique.


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