The Time Traveller

Agastya Mundhe, Class 9, The Cathedral and The John Connon School, Mumbai

November, 2023

As Lucas scratched away with his pen in the classroom surrounded by large lit-up screens – ten feet high, his brow furrowed and he pondered over the nightmare he had had the previous night… He saw the multiverse being discovered, people from different universes meeting and interacting with each other.. But this took a dark turn when a few universes collided- a multiversal war began. Soon enough, he saw that the multiverse was being destroyed and torn to bits… The last thing he had seen was a figure cackling as it watched the demise of the multiverse.. The nightmare seemed so real, that when he woke up, he found himself lying on the floor, shivering…

Suddenly, his vision blurred, sweat beads started forming on his forehead and slowly turned into streams, his pulse shot up and he started breathing heavily…Refusing to give in to his collapsing body, he clenched his fists, gritted his teeth and drew himself up slowly, tensing his entire body. Just as he recovered from his panic attack, he heard a “ding!” and sensed some vibrations in his pocket. He immediately checked his phone and read: “BREAKING NEWS: Scientists discover the Multiverse at New York Science Center!” No sooner had he read this than he stated- “The multiverse is in danger…”

He sprang out of his seat and sprinted out of class and ran towards the exit… As he ran, he texted his besties gang to update him with everything that took place. He also texted them to tell Mia that he loved her.. He then dashed to New York Science Center (NYSC) and no sooner had he reached than he rushed towards his father’s office… and explained his nightmare in a rush… Panting, he claimed, “ The multiverse is in danger..”

His father’s eyes bulged out and his mouth opened but no words came out. Lucas’ father- Richard was a specialist in space research, especially about the Multiverse… Then Richard took a deep breath and let it out.. “Let’s go save the multiverse…”, he declared, explaining… “ Lucas, in order to save the multiverse- you need to go back in time, figure out the problem, and solve it then and there….. You’ll need something- hold on..” He injected Lucas with two injections which included radioactive chemicals- each granting him superhuman powers.. His superpowers included energy manipulation and invisibility. Lucas then was immersed in research- and found that the perfect year was 2023. Richard then unveiled the time and multiversial travel machine… Lucas sat in the machine- and holding back his tears he boldly announced, “ If I don’t make it, tell mom and Ash that I love them… I love you, dad..”. Richard nodded as he burst into tears…

And so he travelled from the year 3007 to the year 2023… 2023 was the time when people were most intrigued by the universe and the multiverse… When he reached the year 2023, he immediately opened a portal.. The beautiful sight of the multiverse enthralled him… He felt galactic as he observed each and every universe that existed… But something was clearly out of his sight… After searching the multiverse for a while, he found a black portal which attracted him.. He entered it, but the whole place was pitch black and nothing could be seen… Lucas started retreating towards the entrance when he realised – the darkness was the problem! Even if he couldn’t see anything there surely would be some universes here… He entered one of the universes and observed that humans were at eternal war.. In another universe he saw that heroes had converted to villains and taken over the world… And soon enough, he realised that this was the darkest part of the multiverse.. As he went back into the darkness all he could see was his shining golden, silver and shining blue… He soon realised that he would have to destroy the darkness – and the problem would hopefully be solved… He absorbed all the energy around and absorbed it till his body was almost on fire and was ready to burst open… and let it all out just as the black portal started shrinking- knowing that it was doomed . Lucas just made it through and landed safely… But even though he was safe, in the corner of the multiverse the darkest universes popped up- a detail to remember- because the course of the future had changed by a lot.. Even the watcher was stunned- but he knew he couldn’t interfere in these events… Lucas decided to visit someone he felt he knew…

He entered Mumbai- a city in India- also known as the ‘City of Dreams’.. He reached his destination, and rang the doorbell in the sixth apartment … The maid answered… He entered his suit fading away and normal clothes replacing them.. Suddenly, the lady – one of his greatest ancestor’s mother – questioned- “Don’t I know you from somewhere?”

“Aunty, I am a friend of your son’s” Lucas asserted confidently…
He gave the lady a hug and whispered- “Thank you for everything”

He then entered one of the rooms and saw the one of the greatest ancestor’s of his- and gave him a hug..

“Don’t I know you from somewhere?”, his ancestor questioned, removing his headphones and shutting his laptop…

“Yes, I am your ancestor from the far future- and I was here to save the multiverse- and I have done it”, Lucas happily stated, his suit coming back on…

“The m-multiverse is r-real?”, his ancestor stuttered..
Lucas nodded his head and asked, “Do you have any tips?”

“Yes. You mess with time, it messes with you. Try not to change the course of the future as it could possibly lead to disastrous events…”

Lucas thanked him and embraced him and hugged his sibling too… He then left for the time machine in tears….

As he reached his present time, everything was shattered and destroyed.. He saw his friends battling someone. As soon as he stepped out, his sister darted over to him and stated, panting, “Mom and dad are dead…” No sooner had she said that than she fell to the ground with a bullet passing right through her heart.. Lucas’ eyes widened in terror as he got a sneak peek at his parents dead bodies- and now his family’s dead bodies… Water droplets started forming in his eyes as they turned into streams. And just a minute later, all his friends had fallen…

“Hahahaha!”, a figure cackled, “I am Damien the devil and no one can stop me!” .. Lucas put two and two together and realised it was the same figure who had been cackling in his nightmare…. Suddenly, cracks started appearing and bits of bright cosmic purple and pink could be seen.. Rushing forward, he used all the energy he had and pummelled Damien… Damien stood as if he had been turned to stone.. A second later, “Not so fast kid!”, he yelled as he grabbed Lucas by the neck.. Lucas gasped for breath.. All of a sudden, somebody stabbed Damien as his alien and robot parts fell out.. It was Mia, Lucas’ crush.. No sooner had she done that than she fell to the ground, exhausted and dead…

“Defeat him, Lucas,” she whispered..

Tearing up, he sobbed- and let streams of water flow out of his eyes..

‘Why does everything I do harm my loved ones?’, he wondered… He got up, his legs giving way.. Damien rasped, “In spite of everything you’ve done for them, eventually, they will hate you”

Lucas screamed, turned invisible, gathered all the energy he could, and then continuously slashed at him from every direction.. But Damien kicked him, grabbed him by the leg using his tentacles and thrashed him continuously… Soon, Lucas’ mask was torn in half and many bits of his suit had fallen off, his face was covered in blood- he coughed and remembered “ Heroes are made by the path they choose, not the powers they are graced with..”

He groaned, and winced but yet got up and in the end, he used all his power and gave one mighty last punch to Damien who gasped and went flying into the mist.. The power was so much that the universe was shaking and the Earth was crumbling.. Lucas sprinted to the machine- and went back in time just as the Earth collapsed… He reached 2023 and this time, he told his other self not to do anything- and explained what would happen if he destroyed the dark multiverse…

As he reached back to the future, he found the sun shining and the Earth bursting with life.. He smiled, rushed to NYSC and embraced his father tightly… As he left NYSC, he found his ancestor, Agastya Mundhe waiting for him…

Lucas explained the tale- and then Agastya questioned, “You sure he’s dead?”

Lucas nodded confidently, and then declared, “Let’s go save the Multiverse..”

Agastya nodded and as they went off, from another place, a bunch of figures cackled and rasped – “They don’t know what’s coming for them..”


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