March 24, 2023

The Two Sisters

Samriddhi Chatterjee, Class 5, St. Joseph’s Convent, Chandannagar

The Sun, in her brilliant and blazing power,
Lights up the darkness of the world,
Upon us her rays shower.
The birds sweetly sing her arrival,
She does her work with a benevolent mind and a pure heart – For she has no one to rival.
She is the source of all light
And in her luminescence shows her might.
When she wakes from her sleep, she paints the sky
With a beautiful plumage of gold, pink & orange.
She knows perfectly when it is time for her to rest,
But lest her children should grieve for her – She has pity even for the venomous adder,
She spreads her gold & crimson scarves across the sparkling blue,
Oh, that enchanting hue!
Keeping up that magnificent show, she descends her throne,
As graceful as a dove, giving one last kiss of love.
And the one who prepares to mount the throne
Is her sister – the Moon.
She is shy, & so does not come very soon.
But to inform us that she is coming,
She first spills a bottle of ink on her throne.
When she finally reaches the throne, she is in her full glory,
Her pale face & bright smile
Illuminating that ink-drenched, diamond studded throne upon which she sits.
Lovingly she hugs in her lap
Her constant companion, the pearly white rabbit.
Between their bond, there is absolutely no gap,
Their connected souls symbolising mother & child,
Not too happy or too sad, but serenely mild.
She banishes darkness & despair from the night,
And gives us that lovely, hope-giving light;
Thus the two sisters, with their everlasting beauty and power,
Transform the gloomy day into a period full of gaiety & peace.


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