The Whiskered Midnight

Aashna Singh, Class 6, Nirmal Bhartia School, Delhi

With a stroke of regality and royalty
Your graceful feet move with such agility
In darkness, you blend like a chameleon
With slit – like eyes so bright and neon
Wispy, gentle fur the color of the witching hour
Pouncing on a pigeon or rat, ready to devour
Stalking, sleuthing like a ninja assassin
Drinking white milk from a clean, round basin
When I look at your eyes, I see the objects galactic
Your tenderness is subtle, but your cuddle makes me ecstatic
You stretch a lot, your nature is torpid
Claws so sharp, anything in your way will be shedded
A symbol of bad luck, for if you cross someone’s way
Due to religious beliefs, they’ll be frightened away
I just want to say, even if you are despised by lore
You will always be my favorite, forevermore!


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