Darsh Teli, Class 7, Arya Vidya Mandir, Mumbai

Thermostatic Virus Threat

Hidden in plain sight, the Teli siblings make their way in the day to work to keep their enemies at bay. The Teli siblings, Darsh and Vedika worked for a secret organisation called Space Rangers. Not many people know about this organisation, not even you. Well now you know, but don’t tell anyone!

The siblings live in a standalone house in Mumbai. In their room, they have to walk in a specific pattern to guard the bunker. The trap door opens only with a fingerprint sensor. The first-level room was a resting place for the siblings. Someplace they could find peace and quiet and rest. Beside their bed was a secret button. It was the key to a state-of-the-art invention room. This is the room where they made all their gadgets and inventions to support the work of the Space Rangers. The secret lever under the invention table gave access to the control room.
The control room could only be accessed with the retina and fingerprint scans of the siblings. That control room was the epicentre of their whole bunker, and hence it was as secure as a fortress.


Today, they had been called upon to take on an organisation called Steel Claw. Steel Claw was making a bioweapon that it planned to unleash on the world. It was called the thermostatic virus. It belonged to the heat-sensitive strain of viruses. As the Teli siblings were the best agents, they had been assigned the task of foiling the lethal plan of the Steel Claw organisation. They had planned meticulously and got a “friend” in the Steel Claw organisation to find out their plans and had also planted a friend there.

The virus was to be launched in two weeks and they were in the final stages of the execution. They were running against time. The only way to diffuse the virus was to expose it to extremely cold temperatures. They were working on a snow bomb in their invention room, which had an impact radius of 1km. Darsh finally had the idea—A LIQUID NITROGEN BOMB. They were going to compress a large quantity of liquid nitrogen into a small space and seal it. Their team at the Space Rangers would have it ready for them in two days. Now they only needed to plan how to implant that bomb in the lab of Steel Claw, where the thermostatic virus was stored.

Once they got the bomb delivered in a special package to their bunker, they signalled to their friend inside the Steel Claw lab to mishandle a piece of equipment and call for an outside scientist. Darsh and Vedika dressed as the outside reinforcements went in with the bomb and as soon as they entered the lab, they diffused the nitrogen bomb and took their friend and ran back to their bunker as fast they could.

In five minutes, they heard the bomb explode. Virus destroyed! Mission accomplished, world saved!



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