Unlocking the Universe by Stephen & Lucy Hawking

Published By: Puffin Books | Recommended Age: 10+ years

Written By: Stephen & Lucy Hawking

‘Unlocking the Universe’ is an incredible non-fiction book written especially for kids by the world’s leading scientific mind, Stephen Hawking, and his daughter Lucy. It answers questions on everything curious children would want to know about, from the universe and Earth science to robotics and future predictions. Some of the answers include how the universe began, what it takes to put humans on the moon, what happens in the microscopic world of life-saving vaccines and what’s possible during travel through space and time. Read this book to go on an adventure of a lifetime.

Published By: Puffin Books | www.penguinrandomhouse.co.in
Recommended Age: 10+ years
Price: 599
Available on Amazon.in


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