Deana Makhesana, Class 6, The Northstar School, Rajkot

‘Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me!’ Sang addy all around the house because it was her birthday the upcoming day and we call that week as birthday week. Why do we celebrate and get happy on our birthdays despite of knowing that a year of our life is getting deducted and we are getting older and older but actually I am also very happy and excited on my birthdays. I mainly think that the answer would be receiving gifts and presents, now let’s get back to the story. Addy is a 10 year old girl with chocolaty brown hair, black eyes and fair skin, she lives in a joint family which includes her parents, grandparents and her uncle-aunt and she is the only child. Addy had started the countdown of her birthday.

She was excited and at the same time confused too. She is confused because she is clueless about what she wants as a present on her birthday. She kept on wondering day and night now let me take a pause over here. Have you ever been in this type of confusion? Cause for me it’s the every time problem. Let’s resume. Addy thought of many ideas such as getting a new room decor, world tour but all her ideas were out of budget and out of box too.

At last but not least she found it and exclaimed ‘hooray’ she went to her parents and said ‘ no study means no worry’ she shocked her parents by saying this but as I thought she just received a cake and wishes on her birthday but she was happy cause with the cake and wishes she also received a RobinAge magazine.


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