Wetlands, Precious Habitats 

Have you read the thrilling classic, ‘Hound of the Baskervilles’ by Arthur Conan Doyle? If you haven’t, then do try to get a copy from the library or buy one. It features the famous detective Sherlock Holmes, who solves the mystery of a demonic hound that glows in the dark and haunts the mires of Dartmoor in England. The miles of treeless mires give the story a kind of eerie setting. Mires are actually wetlands, one of nature’s most precious habitats.

Many people think wetlands, which are also known as swamps, bogs, peatlands, jheels, marshes and moors, are wastelands just because they don’t seem to have trees or other kinds of vegetation growing in them. In actual fact, they do have a lot of vegetation. It is not so visible as it is in the for
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