What Lies Right Beneath He

Aryaa Sridar, Class 7, Sri Kumaran Public School, Bengaluru

I’ve seen that man with the cycle go –
“Ah! I’ve stubbed my little big toe!”
If only he could truly see,
What lay right beneath he.
Every day, the very same happening
So asinine that man must be.
He just kept stepping on,
What lay right beneath he
Once, I grabbed Mr Opportunity,
To save me from this insanity.
I asked the million-dollar question if he knew,
What lay right beneath he.
The man replied with much disgust,
Of anger and boor, a big gust.
He asked if it was ever my business to see,
What lay right beneath he.
What lay right beneath he,
Nobody really knows
But what’s even more surprising is
He’s still got two big toes!


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