When Blackbirds Fly by Hannah Lalhlanpuii

Published By: Duckbill Books | Recommended Age: 13+ years

Written By: Hannah Lalhlanpuii

This story is about a young protagonist’s life in Aizawl. It’s about his friend Rini, who is probably one of the most talkative girls ever. It’s about Zuala and his father, who has joined the independence movement in Mizoram. It’s about our narrator’s grandfather and everything he wants to do to make Aizawl a beautiful place to live in. But despite all the beautiful things that happen around our narrator, he is drawn into the world of the independence movement in Mizoram.

The backdrop of this book is the 1966 bombing of Aizawl. Very few books for young adults come from this part of the country or talk about the state’s struggle. This is a great read to know about the dreams and struggles of real-life heroes and how life and the path you must walk on take a route of their own when conflicts arise.

Published By: Duckbill Books | www.penguinrandomhouse.com
Recommended Age: 13+ years
Price: ₹199
Available on Amazon.in


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