When the Stranger in the Park

Aayush Singh Rautela, Class 8 B, Podar International School, Mumbai

When’s stranger in the park asked
Who’s your best friend
I said God
When he asked
Who’s your worst friend
I said ego
The stranger was quizzed and again he asked
Who’s your learning partner
I said my grandparents
He again asked
Who’s your playing partner
I said Toddler
He made it simple
I made it simpler
He went on asking
I went on replying
He said I am argumentative
I said I apologise
But I am just being myself
He asked what’s being yourself
I said anyone from whom
I can learn share and this learning can happen only with someone
Who’s as wise as a saint
But also have life experiences and
Play with someone as Playful as
A toddler who has a pure heart of gold and doesn’t indulge into world of politics
The stranger got the answer
And it turned out to be god
Who was just testing his best invention Human
Made out of wisdom experience laughter joy
And not just elements of fire earth air water


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