Who am I?

Hridhaan Jain, Class 3, Lotus Veda International School, Delhi

Like an old grandpa, I have no teeth
I come to the beach to lay my eggs in the sand beneath
The temperature of the sand determines if I will have a son or a daughter
My vision isn’t great on land, but I can see well under water
Whenever I sense danger,
I hide in my shell
I come out when the town mayor rings the bell
Guess who am I?
Yes you are right… I am a turtle from under the sea
I grow to be so big that you can even ride me
My egg is the largest in the world
Inside which I lay cozy and up curled
I can roar like the mighty lion
But I cannot fly like an eagle or a falcon
My eyes are bigger than my brain
I am native to Africa, not
Italy or Spain
Guess who am I?
Yes you are right… an ostrich is what I am called
There are such races on me that you will be enthralled
I am not a bird but I sleep in a nest
Where I cozy up together with my group to peacefully rest
You share 98% of your DNA with me
Try teaching me head, shoulder, toe and knee
Even though I have 16 different types of calls you cannot make them your ringtone
During summers, I love having cold drinks and licking an icecream cone
Guess who am I?
Yes you are right… I am a gorilla
Don’t even try to keep me as a pet in your villa
I need only a few minutes a day to rest
Plants, leaves and fruits are what I like best
I can hiss, bellow and snort…. Can you imagine
Flute-like noises I can make?
But I am not a pig, nor a bull nor a snake
I am the tallest mammal on land
A tower or journey is what I call my band
Guess who am I?
Yes you are right… a giraffe is what you can call me
To drink water from the land, I have to bend my knee


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