Who Cracked the Eggs?

Vizzmaya Jalal, Class 6, St. Francis ICSE School, Mumbai

The courtyard was full of curiosity,
The poultry section was drowning in animosity;
Their privacy had been breached,
But no conclusion had been reached.
Mrs. Webba Duck was consoling Mrs. Goldie Hen,
She asked when it happened but no one knew when;
Mr. Alarmy Rooster was strutting about in anger and frustration,
Trying to find out what happened to the eggs last night in isolation.
They were alright until last night,
The hens, roosters, ducks and swans had a dinner very light;
Then they all fell asleep and woke up to this startling bad news,
That 2 of Goldie’s 3 eggs were victims of abuse.
Goldie’s tears wouldn’t stop,
They called Mr. Toki Turkey, the cop;
Mr. Turkey started his detective work,
Everything was normal except he felt something lurk.
They was small opening at the bottom of the fence,
Stuck was the foot of rat, giving him pain immense;
Toki, the cop pulled him in,
And asked him about the eggs as he made him spin.
Rattle, the Rat was dizzy so he begged him,
To stop the spinning and he would tell the truth so grim;
He came into the Popley’s Poultry last night in search of food,
But even after searching couldn’t find anything good.
On his way out, he peeped into the chicken coop,
He saw a pile of worms in the corner kept like a scoop;
He was trying to get to them but fell on something,
And turned around and saw that it was the sound of 2 eggs cracking.
He would have feasted on the eggs but he heard Mr. Rooster’s wake-up call,
He knew the whole clan would attack him if they found out about his fall;
They may think he cracked the eggs on purpose,
And punish him so terribly that it would be a torture circus.
So, he tried to escape through the hole he had created,
But his foot got stuck in the fence and he was devastated;
He apologised to Goldie and her big heart,
Forgave him and she gave him some worms when he was to depart.
Mr. Rooster asked her why she didn’t let them thrash Rattle, the rat,
She said there was no point as it was an accidental act;
Nothing will bring her 2 chicks back,
Now her duty is take care of her one precious egg from every attack.
Old Sveta, the Swan agreed with her,
She said we have a habit to punish and revolt in anger;
But we should analyse the issue and then take the right decisions,
Throughout life we will be happy if justice and honesty are our intentions


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