Who Was the Thief?

Joshitha Balanarayanan, Class 4, Greenfield Public School, Bengaluru

Ria and Roy had come to visit their grand parents’ house in the summer holidays. Both of them would never leave their grandpa’s lovely garden. It had a fresh water stream, a little swing, a lot of green grass, and of course, lot of small birds and animals.

One day, when they were playing in the garden, grandma called them inside and gave them a packet of spicy chips. It was very yummy! While both of them were enjoying the chips, they spotted a beautiful butterfly. They left the packet and ran behind it. Once it flew away, they came back to the place they left the chips; and to their surprise, the chips weren’t there. They searched everywhere, but could not find the packet of chips. They sadly went in and told grandma about it. Grandma felt sorry for them and gave them a box of yummy and creamy cookies. Both of them took the cookies and happily went outside hoping that no one would steal it this time. While they were singing, dancing, munching on the tasty cookies and having a party, they were distracted by a cute little rabbit. They left the box of cookies and began to chase it. The rabbit got scared and ran far away. So, both of them came back to continue their party. But all they found was an empty box. There was no sign of even a single cookie.

Ria said ‘‘Oh Roy… who is stealing our food? Is it a ghost? I’m getting scared.’’ ‘‘Don’t worry Ria… I have a plan to find the thief.’’ Saying this, Roy whispered something into Ria’s ear. Both of them went into the kitchen and brought two slices of brown bread. They left them beside the little swing and hid behind a tall tree. Very soon they found who the thieves were.

Do you know who they were? They were mice!!! Ria and Roy ran inside to tell their grandparents about the incident. All of them laughed heartily. From that day, they always left a slice of cheese for the mice every morning.




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