Anika Shukla, Class 8, Udgam School for Children, Ahmedabad

The woods are dense, dark and green,
Away from the city they stand unseen,
Winter, spring and autumn cover them with a sheath,
Hot summers drying roots beneath,
The woods are lovely, dark and green.
Gift of the Lord,
As believed to be the first trace from where mankind evolved,
The woods are covered with lovely creatures; beautiful and lush green,
After the ages of germination of new seeds,
Unfortunately, the cruel mankind has changed the scene,
Just killed them all,
Not bothering about their falls,
Cruel intentions did not bother,
Cut the trees shorter and shorter,
Unknown and hidden treasures they had,
But human nature cut their feathers,
After all, I should tell this with a sigh,
We cut them all in the pieces of pie,
Let’s save them all as the time is too high,
Not be so cruel and eat them all in pieces of pie…


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