The Year 2021 Through the Eyes of an 11-Year Old

Anika Shukla, Class 8, Udgam School for Children, Ahmedabad

I see the whole world in fear,
But believe me you are safe even if all are far and not near,
But, the life has stopped,
Don’t worry! It shall soon come in first gear,
Maybe it’s mother nature’s time to mend her own wear and tear,
I just realized my daddy is so cool,
Carom, chess, comedy.
He is a champ clear,
I don’t miss restaurants at all,
My mom is the best master chef of the year!
But, you know,
I miss my school,
teachers and peers,
And my mom says,
Oh my little dear!
Sunshine will come when the fog will clear.
It brings a smile on my face,
As she gently wipes off my tears!


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