Rainbow to Independence

Samriddhi Jain, Class 6, Billabong High International School, Bhopal

The world around is so bright,
With a rainbow in sight..
With the gradient of 7 shades
Formed as the rain and sunshine played
All the colors are essential
With its own differential.
These colors represent dignity, independence, freedom, and health
Optimism, creativity, inspiration, and wealth..
These colors were in the eyes and heart of every individual
This was the beginning of the miracle
Of the day when people started the fight
To Achieve their rights
It was the day when freedom fighters took the lead
Like fire, the news of the revolution spread
Thinking and helping, time they spend
To bring the British rule to an end.
Finally, on 15th August our tricolour flag was up
Jana Gana Mana everyone sung
And as for Britons, back they never come,
And that’s how India got its freedom..


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