A Fading Dream

Nayanika Prusty, Class 10, Kendriya Vidyalaya no.2, Bailey road, Patna

Is it me ? Am I the only one
who has lost her guard ?
I miss wearing sweaters and
boots and my favourite
pair of jeans…
I miss brimming with
laughter while loitering in
topsy-turvy streets under the umbrella
of my father…
I miss not only my guard, but the guard
of the nation ~ my father.
Father! Tell when will you come?
The onset of the summer and the April
shrinks my hopes into an end…
Father! Tell when will you come?
I care not for summer,
days too long and waits
too worn out.
No one to hear my wailings!
Father! When I everyday see mom crossing
her fingers and chanting your name
in front of the Great God,
I don’t cry or lament, rather
I feel proud as a military child.
When the leaves are getting sorrel…
When I’m walking on the crunchy leaves…
When my heart burst into tears,
then I realise what you said.
I realise the motto of our life that,
“There is still hope , you dare not lose”
But, today speaking from the heart beneath,
in this lonely environment and
in front of this sweet yellow coloured dandelion,
I surrender and say,
“I am just done with summer and my last hope for you !”


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