A Thank-you letter

Aadyaa Gahalaut, Class 9, Vyas World School, Bareilly

Dear mom,
You are the light of my life,
A real diamond and a blessing in disguise.
You gave me strength by just being my wall,
On which I could lean, whenever I had a fall.
When the world took me down, you lifted me high,
When the others neglected me, you showed me the sky.
All the pain that I gave you, you returned loving caress,
All the gashes I lest on you, you cured them by your calmness.
You sacrificed your dreams for me, keeping mine first,
You always held my hand when the times were the worst.
I cried bitterly when you scolded me or became too hard,
But you’re the only gentle one that soothes me afterwards.
You have me whatever I am today,
Which now I sigh, I will never be able to repay.
You are my best friend, my role-model, and my inspiration,
My nurturer, my protector and the ultimate source of my motivation.
Words are not just enough to show you how I feel,
You are the sweetest flower of love which is unbelievably so real.
How could I possible thank you enough?
You are the one who has made me whole.
You are the one whom I owe my life to,
And you are the who has formed my soul.


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