Amee Singh, Class 10, BGS Public School, Bengaluru

As the sun went down and came up again
I stared at the horizon and tried to forget my pain
How I wish there someone
To hold me by the hand
Yet I was as lonely as
the desert and its billowing sands
Solitude can be a bliss
And yet sometimes I desire a friend
I crave love and affection
But somehow I always get stuck with a friend
Oh lies lies!
Its all lies!
There no exists a pure soul
Its fails and tries!
Fails and tries!
Yet all there exist are damned ghouls
Who should I go to?
To whom do I cry?
Who should I live for?
And for whom should I die?
Just give me friend!
Someone to hug!
I have had enough
of heartless thugs!
Is it too much to ask for a hug?
I am falling into an abyss of crisis!
Oh please tell me you old sorcerer in the sky!
Is this so that its you I miss?
I spent decades
in the wait for your reply
So now I accept
And give up the trying with a sigh
So menacing I could hear my thoughts
Was the intense silence
That I got used to
And tried to live happily hence
I have somewhat found
content in my mind
Though in my imaginary friends
The right comfort IZ couldn’t find
I try to always be there
for people that need support
I try to give as much affection
As I need their support


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