Tinto and The Unicorn

Airik Banerjee

Chapter 1: The Magnificent Glory
Somewhere in the Atlantic, the mighty triple screw streamer, The Unicorn was proudly sailing by. As the sunlight fell on it, the newly painted brown masts and the orange colour of the funnels were shining brightly. It was a magnificent sight.

Chapter 2: BOOM!!
On board, Tinto wanted to play with his father. But, his father, Captain Herlock was busy in the Marconi wireless room on the boat deck, sending his locational signals. So, Tinto patiently sat down and watched. He was very interested in his father’s job and dreamt of becoming a captain himself, just like his father.

Suddenly, Tinto heard a loud explosion- Boom! The Unicorn jerked! Things kept falling. Captain Herlock was thrown on the floor and was knocked unconscious. Tinto too, was thrown on his back. He hit his head on the wheel. With a sudden pain on his head, the world turned black in front of him.

Chapter 3: The Chaos
The jerk grew harder. Tinto slowly opened his eyes. Smoke was filling up the bridge. Muffled and frightened voices could be heard all over. Crew members could be seen running around not knowing what to do. Tinto sat up and saw doctors treating Captain Herlock, who was still unconscious. The doctors informed that there was a blast in the boiler room. It was large enough to form a big hole in the hull. Water was gushing in.

Tinto understood that in the absence of the captain, there were no orders to follow. So the crew members were running around aimlessly.

Chapter 4: The Sinking
Chaos grew large. Tinto formed his plan. Tinto was trained to read Marconi wireless signals. As his father was sending location signals, he could track another ship- The Karaboudjan was sailing nearby.

He ran to the bridge and instructed the Second Officer to send out distress signals. Immediately red flared rockets went shooting in the sky. Then he ran back to the wireless room. He grabbed the headset & send out a signal to the Karaboudjan.
CQD—CQD–SOS–CQD–SOS–CQD- Come at once – The Unicorn is sinking.

He then ran back to the deck and guided the passengers to lifeboats. The First Officer joined him. Water was filling up fast, so they had to hurry. As the last lifeboat left, Tinto and the First Officer were left on the starboard. The ship now tilted to the port side. Tinto had to grab on to the railing. They found a floating tube boat. As they were preparing to jump, there went another BOOM! The world exploded in front of Tinto. He was thrown off & closed his eyes.

Chapter 5: Peace at last
Tinto struggled to breathe in water. He managed to bring up one hand. Then he felt someone pulling him up. He found himself tied to a hoist & was lifted on to a Pave Hawk- a specialised rescue helicopter. He turned his head to see the Karaboudjan’s bow nearing the lifeboats. Now he could sleep happily.


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