Amazing Expressions of Knowledgeable Book

Ansh Jain, Class 10, Evergreen Public School, Delhi

What I feel when I read books…
If you’ve been despondent for a long time
And no one is there to take care
Go and read a book fulfilled with fruitfulness
Isn’t it seem like a mystery
Whenever it lets us express our glee
A book consists of so many words
Knowing about them is really preferred
Many books contain beautiful phrases
It lets us travel virtually to those places
So many varieties of different genres
Consisting of so many engaging characters
How can beautiful animations be ignored
Which lets the readers to explore
It makes the reader knowledgeable
And adds information to make them honorable
If you are filled with joyfulness
And no one is there to celebrate
Go and read a book of celebration
It makes other professions
And completely removes the apprehension
Nothing is more informative than a book
Which also strengthens the person’s outlook
It teaches us many lessons
Which sometimes feels like chapters of heaven
Books contain unlimited things to read
The thing required is just your endeavor
If I get a book, tea and a chair
It will be impossible to even move from there
This book can make anyone a leader
By changing the life of a writer and reader
If you are feeling really very happy
And no one is there to maintain that beautiful happiness
Go and read a book of fun and joy
Whether thriller or fiction
Can also create a hallucination
Books are made for all
For happy, sad, or any emotion you recall
They provide an amazing feel
Having powerful imagination which is ideal
Books are like a superhero to many readers
Who are remarkable dreamers
With many emotional feelings and pleasant words
This book can make shattered people’s love and care heard
Now I know why my sadness decrease
The jovial expressions of the book never let it increase


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