The Dead Men at the Sea

Ansh Jain, Class 10, Evergreen Public School, Delhi

Once upon a time, a man named John lived in America, who belonged to a rich family. He was the captain of a huge ship whose mizzenmast lay with several great white sails surging about in the water, which was very difficult to drive at the sea. But, for many days John was incessantly thinking to visit Spain with the king for friendship. Then, he asked the king of America to take some soldiers along with him.

But the king was in suspect, so he asked him, “How would I trust that you can uphold the leadership of that huge ship which couldn’t be driven by anyone before, John ?” “Oh, my lord! Please trust me that I can do the leadership. If you send me, I give you a guarantee that no one will be getting any type of injury”, said John. So, about 5-6 troops of the soldiers went ahead and were ready to follow John.

As John was diligent, he had done all the work in one day, and the next day he went on his journey which was of about 3 days. John’s best friend Thomas was also there. But, on the ship, there were two pale-faced men who were looking strange. So, John and his friend were contemplating. While his journey, a black sea came where a dangerous storm came and no one was able to drive, even John wasn’t. Suddenly, the ship started going inside the sea and all the oil flowed into the sea and John was in consternation.

Unexpectedly, the pale-faced man ran away from the boat and left a time bomb on the oil and there was a fatal explosion on the sea where thousands of men including John died and the ship was on fire at sea. When the pale-faced men reached America, the king asked him the whole story and the consequences were that he decided and ordered to never make this type of ship and he arrested the pale-faced men.

Moral:- Don’t become overconfident if you are unable to do that work


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