Wisdom of King Gyandev

Ansh Jain, Class 10, Evergreen Public School, Delhi

One day, two men came who were approximately looking like twins. They both were having a cute pet, which was a dog. Although they were looking like twins, shockingly, what everyone saw was unusual. They both were fighting badly, But with them, was coming their cousin ( Ram) who was looking hostile. Now King asked what the situation is. Both of them were busy in their fight and suddenly they started snatching dogs from each other. Somewhere, King got to know that it would be very difficult for me to solve it. Then, King asked Ram, “ Ram, Tell me what is happening in my kingdom ?”. Ram replied, “ My Lord, I am sorry for whatever is happening in this kingdom but since yesterday they have both been fighting for this dog.

They are continuously saying to each other, This is my dog. So, As we have heard about you, you are an honest king and never injustice with anyone.” Now, King got in trouble with whom to give the dog. So, he thought of many ideas out of which every idea failed He asked Ram to ask about some qualities of their dog and many more. So he stopped their fight and told them to come after an hour. Everyone knew that Gyandev’s clever mind would suggest a nice idea. After an hour, they both came and what they saw was many types of equipment and instruments kept there like a sword, knife, etc.

They got scared after watching this. Now, King Gyandev entered and said, “ Ram! Calm down. Now their fight will stop after I told who will own this dog.” The king said, “Listen to Both of you, I had a great idea. If you both want this dog, Can’t we divide this dog into two parts and each will take one part” One of them said, “ No no king! I don’t want this dog. Give this dog to him. I couldn’t see my pet dying.” The other one said, “ Yes King! Give this dog to me. Now he also accepts that this dog is mine” Would king have given this dog to him only or to that person who told him to give him? Suddenly, King said, “ You are a liar.

This dog is not yours. If this dog would be yours, you must have said something when I asked to kill. The true owner is that one who doesn’t want his/her thing (which is alive in nature ) To get killed.” Then, Ram said, “All my Majesty! You are great. No king would have been born in this nation who acts like you. Thank you, King.” This was one of his great works. So, we all can think about how nice he was.


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