An Adventure In the Clouds

Chayank Kausik, Class 6, Bishop Cotton Boys’ School, Bengaluru

July, 2023

A girl named Lucy lived in a house small house with a bakery on Broadway, New York City. She was always sad and kept dreaming that something extraordinary would happen to her life. She always kept dreaming that her days would be different; instead, it was always the same.
But her brother- James was the exact opposite, he always had new adventures in his life and was always happy.

Their mother worked in a bank. So, Lucy and James would stay alone in the house the whole day. James kept hanging out with his friends, and Lucy stayed home and read books. Lucy loved reading books. Sometimes, she would get so engrossed in her books that she would forget what was happening in her house or outside, she would forget her surroundings and just read happily.

Chapter 2-
One day when Lucy woke up, she noticed something very strange, when she looked out of the window instead of seeing cars and streets, she saw the sky, and it was constantly moving. She saw the big clouds and thought to herself – Lucy-“This isn’t what I see every day, there is something wrong.” Then she went to her mom’s room to wake her up, but she wasn’t there! Nobody was, then she realized that she was alone.

She was really surprised, as she opened the door, she realized that her house was floating in the sky! She was shocked!
Lucy thought -” I must be dreaming! This isn’t possible! All I need to do is go back to sleep and this will all be over.”
Even after trying, it didn’t work! Lucy was afraid, she was looking out at the sky and saw tiny houses.
Lucy-” James did have a dental appointment, and mom said she had some important work to do, but why did the house start floating?” (She thought to herself.) Then suddenly, the house started shaking!

Chapter 3-
Her house was shaking a lot, and when she looked outside she saw a big storm was heading her way, Lucy didn’t think of anything else so she jumped out of the front door and fell on a cloud!
Lucy was stunned to see that she was standing on a cloud! Lucy-” What kind of magical world is this!” Lucy was amazed to see a tiny man, around half her size, he was wearing a green coat, (Probably fur or some other material) blue trousers, and a funny-looking white shirt with a collar and with only three buttons. He had a long, orange beard and was scolding another man who was looking the same. Lucy suddenly hid under a cloud. She saw a lot of them gathering around a tomb-like structure and she slowly blacked out.

Chapter 4-
Mysterious creature-“Hello! Hello! For god’s sake is she even alive!” Then Lucy suddenly woke up. Lucy-” Who are you? and why do look so strange!
Mysterious creature-“We are the elf men! (He said with a smile on his face)
And I am Chief Bongo!” Lucy-” You guys live here?”
Chief Bongo-” In this wasteland? No. We live in a much safer place in the cloud land, follow me!”
Lucy got up and started to follow Chief Bongo to his place.

It was a long journey to Cloud Town and Lucy still had so many questions in her mind. Then they finally reached Cloud Town, the whole town was made out of clouds. From the houses to streets and even small shops. Looking at the town Lucy was quite impressed.

She told chief Bongo about her house and she was so glad to hear that they would find it.
Chief Bongo-” Why don’t you stay here for the night, I am sure that my elves will find it by morning.” Lucy agreed, but suddenly the clouds started to turn black, and she heard loud screeches.

Chapter 5-
Lucy-“Where are the screeches coming from?”
Chief Bogo-“Those are soul crushers, they eat us elves. Last time they ate more than thousands of us! Although they are made out of clouds, nobody could defeat them.”
Lucy-” But I can! I am a human, so I can defeat them and they are made out of clouds. So how hard can it be?” (She said with a lot of confidence) Chief Bongo agreed nervously, and said-
“They will be on the other side of cloud land, where we found you. Good Luck!”

Lucy bravely headed out on her journey to the other side of Cloud Land.
It was getting windy and the clouds were very difficult to walk on.
Then she saw it, the creature had large claws and big teeth with a grumpy look on its face.
Lucy, could not move out of fear, and the soul crusher gobbled her up!
It was cold inside, and Lucy realized that she was in the soul crusher’s stomach. She was glad because she could now break through it, Lucy got up and ran towards the wall of the stomach and she broke through it!
She defeated one soul crusher, but there were more of them running towards her!

Chapter 6-
The elves were cheering for her from afar, but Chief Bogo was very nervous.

Lucy bravely fought them one by one and defeated all of them, and all that was left were the tiny clouds floating in the sky. Then Lucy came back to Cloud Land safely and they were all glad to hear that the soul crushers were defeated.

At that time the elves who were searching for lucy’s house found it, they even made an announcement.
Lucy was very happy that they found her house, then when she entered the house, the elves mumbled some words and lucy flew back home safely.

Then the next day when she woke up, she saw her mom and her brother and hugged them tightly!
This was the story of a little girl having an unforgettable adventure that she will remember for the rest of her life!

The End

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